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Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment

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China Jiangsu Zhongyin Machinery Co.,Ltd certification
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Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment

Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment
Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: china-beverage
Model Number: UCF32-32-24-24-8
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: 50,000-90,000USD
Delivery Time: 90days
Detailed Product Description
Ultra-clean: Glass Bottle Beverage: Cold + Hot Filling
12000BPH: 330ml/750ml Name: 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment
High Light:

330ml glass bottling equipment


12000bph glass bottling equipment


330ml glass bottle capping machine

Product Technical Information

1, 5 One Super Clean Filling Host
Introduction to equipment
(1), product type and name
Type: UCF 32-32-24-8
Name: Five-in-one super clean irrigation machine
(2) A brief introduction

Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment 0
The automatic palletizing machine and the five-in-one super clean filling machine are directly connected, and the bottle transmission adopts the full support bottom transmission method.
The production process of the machine is as follows: The empty bottle that has been sorted out by the stacker is moved on the empty bottle delivery to the five-in-one ultra-clean filling host. By entering the bottle screw split bottle and dialing the bottle dial wheel to the flip bottle clip on the sterilizer, the bottle clip on the flip bottle CLIP clamps the bottle mouth, flips 180 ° along the guide rail in a specific area, so that the bottle mouth goes down, and the sterilizer returns to the turntable with a bottle clip. The nozzle on the bottle CLIP emits disinfectant, disinfects the inner wall of the bottle, and at the same time disinfects the outer wall of the bottle and leaches; After two rounds of disinfection and sterilization, the bottle is then exported by the disinfectant flushing machine through the transition pulley and sent to the aseptic water flushing machine. The aseptic water flushing machine is equipped with a bottle clip on the turntable, and the nozzle on the bottle clip is sprayed with aseptic water. Rinse the inner wall of the bottle. After the bottle is rinsed and leached, it is transferred to the flip pulley under the clamp of the bottle. The bottle clip on the flip pulley clamps the bottle mouth and flips 180 ° along the guide rail in a specific area to make the bottle mouth up(taking into account the self-weight of the large volume glass bottle, The punching bottle clip comes with a bottle holder to prevent the bottle from being overweight and affects the turning angle and wear of the parts.) Subsequently, the bottle enters the juice filling machine(the juice filling machine adopts non-contact filling, electromagnetic flowmeter + cylinder control filling method), and the bottle entering the juice filling machine is also maintained by the bottle body support plate, in the filling machine filling position, after detecting the bottle signal, The filling valve with a double-moving cylinder opens the filling. When the filling quantity in the bottle is close to our set value, the double-moving cylinder moves to reach the first stroke. At this time, the filling does not end, but the filling flow has a significant reduction. phenomenon, When the amount of filling in the bottle reaches our set value, double move the cylinder to reach the second stroke, complete the set capacity of the juice, and stop filling. At this point, the entire filling process is completed in the bottle. After filling, the filled bottle leaves the filling machine, and the bottle enters the cover machine with the transition pulley. The bottle pulley on the rotary cover machine uses an embedded bulbar material to keep the bottle upright and prevent rotation. The rotary head maintains a revolution and rotates on the rotary cover machine. Under the action of the cam, the cover, cover, cover, and cover are lifted to complete the entire cover process. The capping device adopts the capping method and is connected with the capping plate of the capping machine through the falling guide rail. The finished bottle is transmitted from the bottle lifter to the bottle delivery chain through the bottle lifter, and a six-in-one irrigation machine is transmitted from the transmission chain to enter the next process.

Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment 1
1. Main features
1) Disinfecting bottle machine, aseptic water bottle machine

(a) The use of double rounds of disinfectant for sterilization, which ensures effective disinfection time and saves the amount of disinfectant used.
(b) Ventilation machines are steam shielded from microbial contamination of sterile water.
C) This punch machine is in contrast with the traditional water-sharing disk structure. It has a simple structure, no relative sliding surface and sanitary dead angle, easy to clean, and can tolerate acid and alkali cleaning fluids. It has a long service life.
D) All rotary discs are welded with stainless steel AISI 304.
E) Large flat bearing bearing with teeth, running smoothly and reliably.
F) The bottle clip is made of stainless steel AISI 304, which is hygienic and durable.
G) German igus corrosion resistant maintenance bearings are used for both bottle clamp and lift mechanism sliding sleeve.
2) Transitional Pulling Wheel
A) The bottle was turned over on the transitional pulley and the maximum bottle time was won.
B) There is a sterile water washing head at the transition dial between the filling machine and the cover machine, and the residual material at the screw of the bottle mouth is washed.

Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment 2
3) Juice material filling machine

Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment 3
(a) The use of non-contact filling for filling can effectively prevent secondary contamination;
B) The use of imported pneumatic actuators, in conjunction with the high-precision electromagnetic flowmeter of Cologne(or E+H), Germany, to measure the filling capacity and achieve the opening and closing of the valve.
C) The filling Valve has a simple structure and is easy to clean. It can tolerate high temperatures of acid, alkali cleaning liquid and 150 °C and has a long service life. The filling valve port adopts our patent dampening device, which can effectively prevent the material from bubbling and spilling out.
D) All types of sensors and pneumatic valves and flow electrical control systems are installed in the filling room operating space to facilitate user observation and maintenance and to reduce aseptic space.
E) The filling machine is equipped with a CIP cleaning cup, which can effectively clean the inner and outer walls of the filling valve in contact with the material. The CIP cleaning process is automatically completed by PLC.
F) The filling machine is equipped with a liquid tank and is equipped with pressure and liquid level sensors to monitor the condition of materials in the liquid tank in real time.
G) Rotary discs are all made of stainless steel AISI 304. The bearing bearing is a large planar bearing bearing with teeth and ball bearing, which runs smoothly and reliably.
H) Electromagnetic flowmeter
We use: German Cologne(or E+H) electromagnetic force meter sensor
Sensor accuracy can be ± 2ml(1000ml)
The equipment filling accuracy can reach ± 5 ml(1000 ML)
After the bottle is introduced into the filling machine through the charging wheel, the bottle intake machine is stabilized, and the two-headed pneumatic diaphragm valve is opened at a specific position. At the same time, the filling valve is opened to the maximum flow rate, and the filling valve is started to fill. When filling to a certain amount, The electromagnetic flowmeter gives the signal according to the pre-set flow rate. The two-head diaphragm valve closes one and the flow rate slows down to the precision irrigation. When the electromagnetic flowmeter is filled to our set flow value, the electromagnetic flowmeter gives the signal again. The two-head pneumatic diaphragm valve is closed. The valve is completely closed and the filling is over.
Electromagnetic flowmeter
Electromagnetic flowmeter technical parameters

Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment 4
Measurement Principle Electromagnetic Flow Measurement System
The main features of hygienic measurement occasions, food industry or process measurement of liquid flow measurement
Nominal diameter DN2 ... 150(1/12 "... 6")
Measurement range 0600 m3/h
Process temperature -20 ... +150 °C(-4 ... +302 °F) Environmental temperature -20 ... +60 °C(optional -40 ... 60 °C)
Pressure range PN 16 ... 40 measurement error ± 0.5 %, optional ± 0.2 %
Communication mode HART, PROFIBUS PA
Output Signal Current Output 4 ... 20 mA
Protection Level IP 67(NEMA 4x)
Advantages • Multiple food and health certification: 3A certification, EHEDG testing, etc..
Sensors can use cleaning balls and CIP/SIP cleaning
• All stainless steel sensors to ensure safety and hygiene
• ECC electrode self-cleaning function
4) Spin cover machine

A) Special ROPP cover machine: no lubrication, corrosion resistance, hygiene, reliability.
B) Bottle cap drop, using bottle cap cover.

Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment 5
C) Control the discharge of the cylinder chain of the cap at the connection point between the cover rail and the digger plate with a rotating cover machine to ensure that the cover is stopped when there is no bottle and the loss of the user's cover is reduced.
D) A set of photoelectric switches is installed on the cover rail. When there is no cover on the cover rail, the machine will automatically stop operation and alarm, which can effectively avoid the appearance of a non-cover bottle.
(E) With an OP/SOP nozzle, which allows for regular surface cleaning and sterilization of the rotary die, rotary cutter and Clapper.
F) The rotating head adopts an imported brand, and the rotating body revolution and rotation mechanism adopts its own production mechanism.

5) Bottle Star Wheel
A) The bottom of the bottle is transmitted by means of a bottle bottom support plate with a spiral descent curve. The change of the bottle shape does not require the adjustment of the height of the machine and the bottle delivery chain.
6) Main Drive
A) The use of synchronous transmission of variable frequency Motors avoids the disadvantages of low transmission accuracy caused by the large side gap of full-gear transmission in high-speed operation, and ensures the synchronization accuracy of the bottling machine, filling machine and the dial wheel.
7) Bottle delivery chain
A) The transmission motor adopts frequency conversion speed adjustment, and it is synchronized with the five-bottle machine, which can effectively prevent the bottle from toppling.
B) A photoelectric switch is installed on the bottle delivery chain, which can control the speed reduction and shutdown of the five-in-one irrigation machine in the event that a bottle is poured.
8) Frame

Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment 6
(a) The frame is welded with stainless steel of good quality and is painted on the surface.
B) the pulley transmission gear is arranged in the form of steel gear and nylon gear.
C)The machine has a centralized lubrication system, which can be centralized lubricating equipment transmission parts, effectively improving the operating life of the equipment.
9) Purification and aseptic isolation equipment

Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment 7
A) The sterile isolation system consists of fully enclosed stainless steel shutters, FFUs equipped with efficient filters, maintenance gloves, etc., and establishes and maintains a sterile environment within the host.
B) The purification isolation system maintains positive pressure on the external environment.
C) The system is equipped with a microbarometer to monitor internal and external pressure differentials and has a low-voltage alarm function.
D) The system can be selectively equipped with aseptic delivery windows and mobile aseptic delivery modules, which can transfer test vessels and maintenance tools into and out of aseptic isolation systems in the filling area without destroying the aseptic state of the filling area.
E) Maintenance gloves are made of acid-resistant, alkaline material, which facilitates the buyer's simple maintenance operations and prevents the operator from damaging the purification environment by opening the main host window.
F) Separate machines and the outside world use liquid tank seals to prevent the entry of external unclean air into sterile space and destroy sterile environment.
10) Electrical Control System
A) The electric control cabinet is made of carbon steel injection molding, and PLC automatically completes the entire process of control from the intake bottle to the exit bottle.
(b) The use of a touch-screen operation, where production speed, class count, failure type, failure point, etc. are displayed on the screen. And can automatically count fault time, fault type and other information.
2. Main configuration instructions
Number number of serial parts with description
1 flask machine 3 bottles 2 sterilizing flasks, 1 sterile water flask machine
2 Cylinder 1 special Cylinder
3 main motor 1 SAB frequency converter motor
4 Automatic centralized lubrication system 1 set of Hangzhou flow
5 Pneumatic element 1 set of German FESTO products
6 Electromagnetic flowmeter sensor 24 sets in Cologne, Germany(or E+H)
7 cover 8 sets of Italian ZALKIN
8 Sterile gloves 1 set of US imports
9 Stainless steel materials and materials are SUS 304 stainless steel materials
10 Electrical control cabinets 1 set of main electrical control components, PLCs, touch screens, etc.. Use MITSUBISHI, SIMENS, and other company products
3. Technical parameters
Equipment Model UCF 32-32-24-8
Spasteurization liquid injection position 32
Spasteurized liquid injection wheel number two rounds
Sterile water washing position 24
Juice filling position 24
Spin cover position 8
Production capacity(500ml) 1200BPH
Sterile bottle water pressure 0.3 MPa
Sterile bottle water use 2 to 3 m3/hr
Aseptic pressure 0.8 MPa
Sterile gas use gas volume 0.8 m3/min
Adapted to bottle diameter <S> 55 ~ φ 90 mm
Fit bottle height 160 ~ 310 mm
The total power of the main motor <S> 7.5 KW
11) Automatic lubrication system
The mechanical lubrication part of the whole machine adopts automatic lubrication to reduce labor and maintenance costs. On the main control screen, the main machine PLC equipment refueling method, refueling time, refueling frequency, controlling the mechanical lubrication system, timely, quantitative, and fixed-point oil lubrication.
Automatic refueling pump lubrication circuit breakers

Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment 8
12) Pipeline system

Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment 9
All pipes and valves are made of sanitary stainless steel and are well-known in China. All welds adopt the internal argon arc welding method, and are strictly made in accordance with the welding specifications of the food and pharmaceutical industries. The internal welding is filled with argon protection welding, single welding, and double-sided molding standards.
All sewage lines adopt centralized discharge method to reduce water and stains on the floor of the production workshop.
13) Closed windows
Close the window throughout the machine to prevent people from touching the rotating part of the machine during operation. It can also prevent liquids such as the punching medium from sticking to the skin of the person who may have a stimulating effect and avoid unnecessary injuries. The most important thing is to keep the entire filling room sterile, the top of the closed window is equipped with FFU, air back pipe, etc. to assist in the establishment of a sterile room; There are observation Windows on the closed windows, personnel can observe the operation of the entire machine outside, some observation windows are equipped with security door switches to prevent staff from operating irregularly, and observation windows are equipped with operating gloves to perform simple repairs without damaging the sterile environment. It is also possible to open the door to enter the interior of the machine during downtime maintenance and repair.

Beverage 12000bph 330ml Glass Bottling Equipment 10
14) Electrical systems
All electrical components use internationally renowned brands to reduce the failure rate of control components. The equipment control cabinet adopts stainless steel waterproof electric cabinet and is equipped with a random operation screen to meet the customer's on-site monitoring and control requirements.
Electrical components for the internal touch screen of the cabinet


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