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Combi Block 8-40-10 18000bph Bottle Filling And Capping Machine

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China Jiangsu Zhongyin Machinery Co.,Ltd certification
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Combi Block 8-40-10 18000bph Bottle Filling And Capping Machine

Combi Block 8-40-10 18000bph Bottle Filling And Capping Machine
Combi Block 8-40-10 18000bph Bottle Filling And Capping Machine Combi Block 8-40-10 18000bph Bottle Filling And Capping Machine Combi Block 8-40-10 18000bph Bottle Filling And Capping Machine

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: jiangsu
Brand Name: china beverage
Model Number: Combi block 8-40-10
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD 600000-700000
Packaging Details: Wooden packing
Delivery Time: 30days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1 set/per month
Detailed Product Description
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18000bph bottle filling and capping machine


8-40-10 bottle filling and capping machine


combi block filling capping machine

Equipment brief

ZYBFC8-40-10,,,,,,,,,,,,,.ZYBFC10-36-12K Blowing-filling-capping combiblock system is a brake equipment which integrates preform elevator, preform unscrambler, preform feeder, heater, preform outlet, blowing, bottle outlet, filling, capping. It has stable performance. With its low noise and low energy consumption, the equipment integrates and optimizes the cutting-edge applications in the industry on the basis of eliminating foreign advanced technologies, and has the ability to achieve higher cost performance and create value for customers.
      • Structural composition
  • Preform dumper
  • Preform elevator
  • Preform sorter
  • Preform de-duster
  • Preform feeding system
  • Heating machine
  • Preform out system
  • Blowing system
  • Bottle out system
  • Transition cabin
  • Filling machine
  • Capping machine
  • Conveyor for bottle out
  • Sealing window
      • Work process
The preform is transported to the bottle hopper by the dumper, and the preform is lifted to the preform unscrambler. The preforms are regularly arranged by a scientific flipping device, and the regularly arranged preforms enter the deduster device from the preform channel. After the dust is removed, insert the preform insert head into the preform and flip the guide rail to to the state where the preform is facing down to meet the preform in the predetermined heating zone. At the same time as the preform rotates, the heating chain drives the preform to move linearly, and the preform is heated by several stages such as osmosis heating, equilibrium solidification and distributed heating. The preform is turned over again by flipping the guide rail to the state where the embryonic end is facing upward, and enters the blowing machine through the embryoting mechanism, and the flexible and accurate embryo mechanical pliers are used to grasp and place the preform in the blowing mold. The preform is subjected to stretching, one blowing, two blowing, cooling and other links in the bottle-blowing mould, and is finally taken out from the mold by the bottle taking mechanical pliers, and finally moved into the transition chamber by the dial transfer, The bottle is filled from the transition chamber into the filling machine. After filling, the bottle is sealed, and then the bottle is removed from the bottle-taking section to fill the bottle. The sub is transmitted to the downstream unit.

Technical Parameters


Number of cavities:8


Bottle diameter:≤Ø100mm

Bottle height:100-320mm

Bottle volume:100-2500ml

Air pressure:40MP

Air consumption:10m³/minute

Power voltage:380V-AC

Control voltage:24V-DC

Mold cooling water:14m³/hour,9-15ºC.

Bottle mouth cooling water:5m³/hour,15-20ºC

Total power:110KW

Equipment quality:22000KG


Introduction to the main functions of the equipment

Bottle blowing main frame

The main frame is the supporting skeleton of the equipment, which is the premise to ensure the stable operation of each moving mechanism. The main frame of the equipment is made of 250*250*12 high-strength square tube and δ50 carbon structural steel plate, considering the welding process. In the case of thermal deformation and stress concentration, all racks are annealed by a large tempering furnace, and then blasted and rusted to coat the undercoat. Ensure the stress balance after the rack is welded and the surface is rust-proof.

Mould frame

The mold base is the core component of the blow molding machine. After the preform is heated, the whole stretching, one blowing, two blowing and cooling processes are completed in the mold frame, which plays a key role in the forming of the bottle. The support frame of the mold frame is made of high quality ductile iron. Casted with shock absorption, high flex resistance and high rigidity. The left and right molds are made of high-quality high-strength alloy steel, which are processed by CNC programming and multi-joint surface to form a close fit with the mold to ensure that the high-pressure compensation displacement of the bottle is controlled within an effective stroke to achieve the ideal mold line. . Using the industry's leading reverse buffer clamping technology, it effectively reduces noise and impact inertia, making the blower work quieter and gentler. Considering the customer's bottle type replacement and improving the compatibility of the customer's bottle type, a maneuvering middle structure is added between the mold and the left and right formwork. After the middle set is removed, the bottle type capacity can be increased to 2.5 liters.


Stretch component

The stretching assembly is composed of a cylinder, a stretching cam, and a buffer control system. The stretching system completes the longitudinal positioning and holding of the preform within a predetermined rotation angle, and controls the impact of the ejector against the bottom mold while rapidly and uniformly stretching. Zhongyin has made a good optimization of the acceleration control of the lifting cylinder, and it has a gentle degree to ensure that the stretching cylinder is in an excellent working state. At the same time, by reducing the stretching stroke, the tensile gas consumption is effectively reduced by more than 10%.

Heating machine

The main function of the heating machine is to heat the preform. Through the process of heating, infiltration, heating and distribution, the preform is heated to 88-116 degrees Celsius by a sophisticated infrared heating tube to achieve a rubbery state. Infrared and air heat management of the heating furnace. The use of the embryonic mouth downward structure effectively avoids the softening of the embryonic mouth, and at the same time, it is more convenient to carry out heating energy management and management of the embryo body in a limited space, and is more energy-saving and more uniform. In order to extend the service life of the chain and improve the stability, Zhongyin took the lead in the industry to adopt the imported Alcoa material to make the heating chain, and ensure the stability of the chain to the greatest extent through the pin lock structure.

Pneumatic control

The core process of the blow molding machine is blowing, the bottle forming quality and bottle making efficiency are largely due to the control and management of the gas. The excellent high pressure gas management scheme makes the bottle more full, the wall thickness is more uniform, and the bottle is more With tension. The medium-bottle blowing machine adopts the imported four-core four-valve high-pressure valve structure to complete one blow, two blow, recapy and exhaust series actions. After optimization, the air path dead zone is eliminated to the greatest extent, and the aerodynamic efficiency is higher. The recycling ratio has been greatly improved, and the recapy of gas in the case of a specific bottle type structure can completely satisfy the use of low-pressure gas, and create greater value for customers from cost control.

Waterway control

The function of the waterway is mainly used to cool the mold and the embryonic mouth. The transparent waterway is used to observe the tube structure, and various instruments and sensors are combined to monitor and feedback the temperature, pressure, flow and cleanliness of the cooling water in real time. Filtered with a hydrophilic ceramic tube, the capillary structure has strong resistance to deformation, the surface is formed with tension, and the filtration is clearer and more environmentally friendly.
The mold is cooled, and the bottle is quickly set by cooling the mold to complete the hardening within a prescribed time. Alternatively, the bottle is molded at a particular memory temperature by heating or holding the mold to facilitate future adaptation of the bottle to the corresponding material temperature. Therefore, the temperature control of the mold is the final step in the formation of the bottle and the key step of compaction. Based on the application of the industry, Zhongyin has improved the heat exchange management of the waterway, which will be more energy efficient and more efficient.
The embryonic mouth is cooled, and the preform is easily softened and deformed during the heating process. The embryonic mouth is separated from the heating zone by the cooling water channel to ensure that the bottle mouth is not softened, and the subsequent filling, capping and bottle conveying are smoothly carried out. .

Preform elevator and sorter

The preform elevator and sorter is composed of preform dumper, preform elevator, preform sorter, preform track, ion dust removal mechanism, it is the pre-treatment mechanism of the bottle preform. The purpose is to allow the preforms to be regularly arranged and to remove dust, so it's easy to go into the warmer and heat the preform. The preform is conveyed using food grade stainless steel or rubber material and cushioning structure. Minimize process contamination and bottle bumps. Simultaneous purging one by one with ion gas to make sure the preforms entering the warmer are clean and free of scars.





Electrical control

The electrical control system is the central nervous system of the blow molding machine. It controls and manages all mission processes of the blow molding machine. The electric control system of the blowing machine collects more than 20 kinds of sensing information parameters including pressure, temperature, humidity, flow, angular velocity and displacement through PLC and quickly send commands to the task terminal to make sure that each mechanical action gets a millisecond response. The main electrical control hardware is basically imported from Europe, ensuring stable and reliable performance. Using ultra-sensitive touch screen management instructions, the graphic menu is more visual and convenient, and is more convenient for the operator to operate.

Blowing machine application features


Easy to operate, high-definition TFT touch screen, rich menu, easy to operate, very convenient man-machine dialogue mode.


High production efficiency, single-mode water bottle capacity (0.5L) ≥ 2000BPH.


Gas management, optimized secondary air blowing system, real-time monitoring of pressure changes in the cavity of the cavity, timely feedback adjustment to ensure the stable quality of the bottle.


The robot controlled by the cam mechanism feeds the bottle out of the bottle, which is accurate and efficient, and avoids intermediate pollution.


The cam mechanism accurately controls the opening and closing, unlocking, and bottom film lifting of the mold frame, and adopts a reverse buffer clamping mechanism to lower the noise and make the operation more stable.


The special blowing structure ensures the reliability of the sealing under various pressures and the blowing pressure is intelligently adjusted.


The stretching rod accurately controls the axial stretching of the preform to ensure an ideal distribution of the wall thickness of the bottle.


The 7-10-segment far-infrared heating preform is equipped with a real-time temperature sensing monitoring feedback system to ensure the stability and accuracy of the process.


The logic in the optimized thermal management avoids excessive temperature on the outer wall of the preform and is more energy efficient than other similar systems.


The gas recapy part increases the exhaust gas recapy system, which can save about 30 40% of gas consumption, thereby saving energy consumption and reducing operating costs.


The preforms and bottle types are set with individual heating temperature, blowing time and other process parameters. When the bottle blank type is switched, the preset parameters can be called to produce smoothly.


The mold switching time is short, reducing the production downtime, which is conducive to improving production efficiency.


User-friendly design, full consideration of safety, convenience, multi-language choice.


There are more than 20 types of sensing terminals, timely feedback and systematic adjustment of parameters to ensure that the process parameters are appropriate and in a stable state.


The main control hardware is imported, so that the product quality is guaranteed.


The blowing mold is made of American aluminum alloy, the surface is treated with special oxidation, the surface is more wear-resistant and the life is longer.


There is a stuck embryo kicking detection device, which will automatically be removed when the bottle bottle is abnormal, to ensure normal downstream work.


The equipment is equipped with a complete and reliable safety door system to ensure maximum operator safety.

GX36-12 PET bottle two-in-one filling production line integrates filling, capping and CIP cleaning system. It is based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology. According to the filling process of drinking water and mineral water drinks in China. Required, a self-developed and designed PET bottle filling production line with leading domestic level.
  • ,structure
CGX36-12 is a model that our company determines according to the needs of users.


  1. structure
  2. Guide assembly
  3. Dial assembly
  4. Main drive assembly
  5. Filling component
  6. Screw cap assembly
  7. Dial cap assembly
  8. Sewage line
  9. Lubrication line


  1. Automatic lubrication component
  2. Bottle out chain frame
  3. Pneumatic system
  4. Falling cap rail


  • ,Main feature
  1. Transition wheel
  1. ,.

The transition wheel adopts the steel dial bottle opening, which does not need to adjust the height of the bottle.

  1. ,,.

The bottle puller adopts the bottom transfer mode, and the bottom plate of the bottle is a spiral descending curve. The shape of the bottle is not required to adjust the height of the machine and the delivery chain.

  1. .

The dial has a bottle protector.

  1. Filling machine
  1. .

The rotating discs are all made of stainless steel.

  1. ,,.

Large flat-toothed bearings for smooth and reliable operation.

  1. .

The filling method is gravity filling.

  1. ,.

With a ring type cylinder, the liquid level of the cylinder is controlled by a float.

  1. .

The filling valve is made of high quality stainless steel.

  1. ,PET.

Each filling valve is provided with a return air passage independent of the liquid cylinder, and the displaced air in the PET bottle does not enter the liquid cylinder during the filling process.

  1. ,,.

The addition of the return air passage also realizes the control of the filling amount in the bottle, corrects the filling liquid level, and realizes the control of the high-precision filling liquid level.

  1. ,,200ml/s,≤±2mm.

High-speed, high-precision liquid level filling valve, flow rate up to 200ml / s, liquid level accuracy ≤ ± 2mm.

  1. ,CIP.

The filling valve is equipped with a cleaning cup for thorough CIP circulation cleaning of the filling valve.

  1. ,,.

The lifting cylinder bottle lifting mechanism is adopted, and the bottle mouth is clamped by the bottle holder, and the bottle shape is changed without changing and adjusting any parts.

  1. Capping machine
  1. ,,≤0.2%.

The magnetic torque capping head is used, the screw cap effect is stable and reliable, and the defective rate of capping is ≤0.2%.

  1. ,,,.

The falling cap rail is provided with a reverse cap preventing and reverse cap removing mechanism, and a set of photoelectric switches is installed at the same time. When there is no cap on the falling cap rail, the machine operation is automatically stopped, and the appearance of the uncaped bottle can be effectively avoided.

  1. ,,,.

There is a capping machine detection switch, which is connected with the lock cap cylinder at the junction of the falling cap rail and the dial plate to control the discharge of the cap, to ensure that the cap is stopped when there is no bottle, and the loss of the cap is reduced.

  1. ,.

Efficient centrifugal cap method, the cap wear is small.

  1. ,.

The cap sorter is equipped with a cap detection mechanism for controlling the start and stop of the cap lift.

  1. Bottle outside conveyor chain
  1. ,,.

The drive motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which is synchronized with the blow-filling and rotary machine to prevent the bottle from falling over.

  1. ,,.

The photoelectric switch is installed on the delivery conveyor chain. When the bottle is blocked, the blow-drying machine can be controlled to decelerate and stop.

  1. Frame
  1. ,,.

The frame is welded from high-quality carbon steel, and is surface-treated and sprayed. The surface is caped with stainless steel.

  1. ,O,.

Exclusive use of stainless steel countertop through-hole tensile structure, with O-ring seals, so that leakage of all the bearing seats and support shafts on the table surface may be reduced to zero.

  1. Control system
  1. PLC,.

The whole machine adopts PLC control, which automatically completes the whole process control of the blowing and filling machine from the bottle to the bottle.

  1. ,,,.,.

Production speed, shift output count, fault category, fault occurrence point, etc. are displayed on the screen. And can automatically count the time of failure, fault category and other information.

  1. PLC,,.

This machine is equipped with automatic centralized lubrication pump controlled by PLC. Each lubrication point can be used for regular quantitative refueling, which improves the operational reliability of the equipment.

  • ,Working process

The bottle is transferred to the filling machine via the transition wheel. The bottle entering the filling machine is held by the bottleneck holder stuck in the bottle mouth. The filling valve is lowered and raised by the valve lifting mechanism under the action of the cylinder. Filling is done by pressure filling. After the filling valve is lowered into contact with the bottle mouth, the filling process is completed. After the filling is completed, the filling valve rises out of the bottle mouth, and the bottle enters the capping machine through the card bottleneck transition dial. The anti-rotation knife on the capping machine catches the bottle neck and keeps the bottle upright and prevents rotation. The anti-rotation knife on the capping machine catches the bottle neck and keeps the bottle upright and prevents rotation. The anti-rotation knife on the capping machine catches the bottle neck and keeps the bottle upright and prevents rotation.

  • ,Power system

The whole machine drive is as follows:
The motor uses a Lenze brand motor with a power of 7.5 kW.
The reducer is a turbine reducer: GKS09-3A HAK 19SC17/MCA19S17-RSOBO
m = 4
Gear modulus m = 4


  • ,The main technical parameters


Number of heads
40 10
heads of filling 8 heads of sealing

18000B/H (600ml/B)

Applicable bottle type

Bottle diameter range

Bottle height range
Air pressure 0.7MPa
Working voltage (AC)
Control voltage (DC)

Main motor power

Total power


Total Weight


  • ,Equipment structure and function

1. Filling machine

1)Equipment composition

The filling machine is mainly composed of a supporting component, a cylinder lifting device, a liquid inlet component, a liquid returning component, a valve lifting device, a bearing component, a dummy cup, a transmission component, etc., and functions to fill the material into the bottle in the device. The parts in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel and special materials, which meet the food hygiene requirements.

2)Filling time allocation table

No Station Angle ()Time (s)
1 Empty travel 62.04 1.05
2 Valve rise 27.5 0.49
3 Valve drop 76.46 1.21
4 Filling 194 3.25
5 Every lap time 360 6

:18000BPH(600ml/) Production capacity: 18000BPH (600ml / bottle)
:3.25Filling time: 3.25 seconds

3)The main structure

Bottle lifting device

The lifting and lowering of the bottle is realized by the cylinder lifting device driving the bottle lifting device, and the pulling down cam ensures that the filling valve can return to the original position.


Transmission component

The components shown in the figure below are the transmission components, which mainly function as transmission and load, 3 is the slewing bearing, 1, 2, 4 are the transmission gears, and 5 is the bearing housing.


Filling valve

:The structure of the valve is as follows:

:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.
No. Description: 1. Spool 2. Retaining ring 3. Upper valve seat 4. Leather bowl 5. Lower valve seat 6. Sliding sleeve 7. Compression spring 8. Upper valve body 9. Lower valve body 10. Sealing pressure ring 11. Air return pipe 12. Bottle mouth gasket 13. Seal ring 14. Seal ring
working principle
:The installation structure of the valve is as follows:

:The working process of the valve is as follows:
When the bottle enters the filling machine, the cylinder drives the bottle upward to open the filling valve. At this time, the liquid in the liquid cylinder enters the bottle under the action of gravity, and the air in the bottle enters the switching handle through the center return pipe and enters the cylinder. When the bottle is filled, the bottle is lowered by the cam, and the bottle leaves the mouth mat, the valve is closed, but the return pipe is also inserted into the bottle. At this time, the switching handle is switched to the vacuum chamber, and the water above the return pipe in the bottle is pumped into the vacuum chamber, and the position of the return pipe end is the height of the liquid level, and the liquid level in the bottle can be freely set by adjusting the length of the return pipe. height.
:Fast water line valve features:


Filling method is gravity filling

  1. ,,200ml/s,≤±2mm

High-speed, high-precision liquid level, flow rate up to 200ml/s, liquid level accuracy ≤±2mm

  1. 2,1,1,

Each filling valve is equipped with 2 return air passages, 1 into the cylinder, 1 into the vacuum chamber, and switch between the filling process.

  1. ,CIP

The filling valve is equipped with a cleaning cup for thorough CIP circulation cleaning of the filling valve

2.Capping machine

1)Equipment composition

The capping machine is composed of a capping machine base, a transition gear device, a capping device, a base and a transmission, an anti-rotation column, a lifting device and the like.
The drive of the capping machine is transmitted to the gear by the reducer, and the power is transmitted to the capping head through the lifting column, and at the same time, the excessive gear is rotated to drive the rotation of the dial plate.
The up and down movement of the capping head is realized by the capping cam. The capping cam is fixed and non-rotating. The cap is fed to the capping ring of the capping cap through the capping rail and then the capping disc. When there is a bottle, the cap is followed by The rotation of the capping head is simultaneously moved downward, and the cap is screwed onto the thread of the bottle mouth.

2)Main structure of capping machine

Capping device

Rotation and rotation
On the one hand, the capping head rotates with the main body, and on the other hand, it is rotated by the ring gear.

Up and down movement
The cam is fixed to the top plate. Therefore, the cam is stationary. When the frame rotates, the roller mounted on the sliding sleeve rolls along the working surface of the cam, so that the sliding sleeve moves up and down to realize the up and down movement of the capping head.



The shaft 1 is rotated by the action of the power belt. When the capping machine rotates one revolution, each shaft reciprocates up and down once. The cam controls the up and down movement of the shaft, and the cam is mounted on the fixed portion of the upper portion of the capping machine.
When the bottle is transferred from the filling machine, the capping head has taken a cap from the dial pan. The shaft descends under the action of the cam guide, and the rear thrust ring performs a capping operation.


Capping head

The upper cap of the capping head is screwed tightly on the sliding sleeve mouth. When the sliding sleeve is rotated, rotated, moved up and down, the capping head also performs corresponding synchronous movement, and two sets of adjacent magnetic opposite magnetic columns are installed in the capping head. 1, through the phase suction of the magnetic body to ensure the corresponding capping torque, the size of the capping torque is ensured by adjusting the distance between the two sets of magnetic bodies. When the capping torque exceeds a fixed value, the relative sliding between the two sets of magnets is used to achieve the rotation stop of the capping ring gear. The magnet adjusting ring in the capping head is provided for the downward force of the cap, and the capping die 2 is allowed to compress 2 to 6 mm in the axial direction during operation. The cap spring 3 is for preventing the bottle and removing the bottle in the capping mold. Cap to ensure the machine is running normally.
Note: The magnet adjustment ring 4 and the top cap rod 5 in the capping head have been adjusted at the factory. Please do not adjust it easily.


Lifting device

The lifting device is used to adjust the capping machine, which is manually operated: loosen the screw 1 and manually adjust the hand wheel 2. The bearing here is added with lithium or calcium grease once every 48 hours.
Note: The height has been adjusted at the factory, please do not adjust it easily.


Base and transmission

The base mainly supports the capping machine, and the power is transmitted to the gear through the gear 1, the sleeve 2 and the flange 3 to drive the capping machine to rotate. The power of the dial assembly also stems from this. Parts 4, 5 support the entire weight of the capping machine.


3.Dial cap assembly

The function of the dial cap assembly is to properly distribute the cap that is handled by the cap under the capping head, and transmit power from the pin teeth between the capping machine and the dial cap assembly.


4.Cap sorter and cap rail

The capping device mounted on the upper part of the capping machine drives the rotating disc to rotate by the speed reducer, so that the cap leaves the capping device from the capping port under the action of centrifugal force, and a positive and negative cap separating device is arranged at the outlet, when the anti-cap is passed, The cap automatically falls into the return pipe, and the reverse cap is automatically blown back to the cap device by the wind, and only the front cap can smoothly enter the cap rail. The number of caps in the cap device is controlled by the proximity switch to automatically control the cap machine to ensure the best effect of the lower cap.
When the front cap enters the cap rail, it can smoothly enter the dial plate. To prevent accidents, an anti-reverse cap dial is also placed on the cap rail to ensure that the cap that enters the dial tray is correct. A pair of photoelectric switches are also arranged on the falling cap rail, and when no cap is detected, the host must be stopped.

Anti-cover detection device


The anti-cover inspection should ensure that the dial and the reverse cover are in contact with 3~5mm, and should not be too small. It should ensure reliable detection and should not be too much to ensure the lower cover is quick.


There is a bottle cover detection signal on the hopper, and a cover signal is issued when there is no cover to remind the upper cover. Make sure that production is not affected by the absence of a cover.


Note: Depending on the user's configuration (with cap sterilizer), there may be no capper on the machine.


5. Dial wheel assembly


The whole equipment has a total of six dial wheels, one bottle dial wheel, two transition dial wheels one, one transition dial wheel two, two are the transition wheel of the inlet and outlet filling machine, and the six dial wheels have the same transmission structure. The bottle mouth is transported.


The six dials should be kept unobstructed, and there should be no large shaking, which will cause the material of the bottle to overflow. In the production process, if the material overflow of the bottle is found to be serious, the relevant parts should be inspected and adjusted immediately.


If it is necessary to replace the bottle types of different diameters, remove the parts 6, 7, 8, S5, S6, S7, S8, etc., and replace the required parts.


6.Guide assembly


The guide plate assembly is mainly composed of two parts, namely the steel guide plate 1 of the upper guard bottle mouth and the nylon guide plate 2 of the lower bottle guard body, both of which are related to the bottle type, and the outer dimensions are determined by the bottle neck and the size of the bottle body, each The relevant changes must be replaced when the bottle is replaced.


7.Bottle out wheel

The function of the bottle puller in the whole machine is to transfer the semi-finished product of filling and capping to the conveyor chain frame, 1 is the bottle body guide plate, guiding the role; 2 is the bottom plate of the bottle, ensuring that the bottle can be lowered to the chain frame The height of the bottle is the role of the bottle. Power is supplied by the gears under the workbench.


8.Bottle chain frame

The function of the bottle chain frame is to transport the finished product which has been washed, filled and capped to the subsequent packaging link, and the power is provided by the rear conveyor chain frame. The bottle chain frame is installed on the three-in-one machine table; since the device is transported to the bottom of the bottle, when the bottle type is changed, the height of the bottom of the bottle is constant; the length of the bottle is short and short, and the chain frame does not need to be adjusted in height; If the bottle diameter changes, adjust the spacing of the rails on both sides of the bottle.


9.Window sealing

Sealing the window in the whole machine to prevent the person from touching the rotating part of the machine during the operation, and also preventing the liquid which may have a stimulating effect such as the scouring medium from sticking to the skin of the person to avoid unnecessary damage; There is an observation window on the sealing window. The personnel can observe the operation of the whole machine outside, and can open the sealing window into the inside of the machine during maintenance and repair.


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